MidnightCMS Roadmap

  • First release of the CMS

  • Backend Enhancements & Finder

    MidnightCMS is now compatible with Symfony 3.4 !
    New features :
    - Uploading and managing images for CKEditor
    - Keep track of old page titles and make a redirection to their new titles
    - New page type : Links. You can use this type to redirect users into another page of your site (or external links, too), by placing the page's ID or the Url directly. Enhancements :
    - Deprecation of macros and conversion to Twig Extension
    - Create a better flash message for frontend editing's save and publish action
    - Backend template changes allowing more space

  • Backend User, Categories & Translation

    New features:
    - Allow to configure each pages independently
    - New backend user management : creation of roles "Admin" and "Editor".
    - The "Admin" can restrict access of some parts of the backend to "Editors".
    - Categorization : A new 'Taggable' interface will allow entities to be categorized. This will be useful for organizing your blog posts for example, and we can imagine a search engine that can allow users to search with these tags.
    - A new tab in the backend will allow the user to translate the website.
    Enhancements :
    - Support of right-click on the page tree : shortcut actions like creating a new page onto the one selected, or open the page into the frontend editor ...

  • Planned changes

    Features :
    - Managing multiple templates for the same page, this feature will allow the user to have multiple site layout in the same instance of the CMS
    - Multiple types on the same page. The user will be able to select a page layout and put as many types as he want into them.


  • Done
  • WIP
  • Not started yet

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